Hanover Square

In downtown Syracuse, there is an area known as Hanover Square.  It’s a little triangular-shaped piece, carved out of land then adjacent to the Erie Canal in 1834.

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What interests me is the concept of a Hanover Square.  In 1730, in lower Manhattan, a triangular-shaped piece of land was designated “Hanover Square” in honor of the British King George I, who really was a German from the kingdom of (you guessed it!) Hanover.  Syracuse adopted a similar concept.

But – there is also a Hanover Square in little Horseheads, New York – but not around a triangular shaped piece of land, but an intersection with five streets meeting at odd angles.  (I learned to drive going through Hanover Square – and as a result, weird intersections don’t really phase me!)   I’m not sure when that intersection was christened “Hanover Square”- it might have been during the Civil War, and whether it was copied from the NYC POI or the Syracuse one, but the Horseheads Hanover Square was also adjacent to a canal in the 1830s – the Chemung Canal.

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